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Exploring the Power of Antojai Quantum Reiki : What is Quantum Reiki?

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Welcome to our transformative journey into the realm of Antojai Quantum Reiki, where ancient wisdom converges with cutting-edge quantum principles to unlock the infinite potential of healing. In a world where the quest for holistic well-being is more paramount than ever, Antojai Quantum Reiki emerges as a beacon of hope and possibility. This blog delves deep into the heart of this profound healing modality, unraveling its mysteries, and shedding light on how it merges the timeless art of Reiki with the revolutionary concepts of quantum mechanics. Embark with us on a voyage of exploration as we navigate through the intricacies of energy, consciousness, and the boundless capacity for restoration that Antojai Quantum Reiki offers. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of energy healing, prepare to expand your horizons and discover the transformative power that lies within, waiting to be harnessed.

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What is Reiki?

Traditional Reiki

Reiki is not a philosophy or a religion, its a form of energy medicine. Reiki energy has always existed. It has been practiced and understood for thousands of years by many. Traditional Reiki practices have many names, and one of the most notable in Western Culture is Usui Reiki. Usui Reiki is an energy healing modality channelled by Sensei Mikao Usui of Kyoto, Japan (“Sensei Usui”) in the 19th century.

Born in Japan in 1864, Sensei Usui was raised as a Samurai, including the martial arts techniques of Aiki. His ancestors were the Chiba Clan and Hatamoto Samurai. He practiced Shugendo Shamanism and was influenced by Shintoism. He travelled and studied in the Americas, Europe and China. He was married and had two children.

According to historical texts, Sensi Usui channelled Reiki when he performed a 21-day practice of fasting on Mount Kurama called Kushu Shinren. Sensei Usui explained that he felt intense energy at his crown and realized that he had downloaded what he described as a spiritual gift of healing.  Sensei Usui named the energy healing modality: Usui Rei-ki.  “Rei” translates to universal and “ki” to essential life force energy.  Rei is the connection to spirit, and ki is life energy. The Japanese typographic characters, when combined, translate to universal life energy.

Sensai Usui founded the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (which translates to “Usui’s Spiritual Energy Therapy Society”), a society of Japanese Reiki Masters. Upon Usui’s death, the Gakkai continued, and some Masters began to share their knowledge with the world, although it remains a hermetic society and by invitation only.

Sensei Usui set up the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in the spring of 1922 and began to teach Masters and give treatments. His students, who became Masters, were charged between $8,000 to $10,000 (the equivalent of about $145,000.00 to $216,000.00 today). He only trained a few students, including Chujiro Hayashi, who became the third chairman of the Gakkai and later chief of staff. Hayashi played a significant role in disseminating the teachings to the Western world and founded his branch of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyukai.

Reiki energy practices are known by many names, and in Western Culture some notable names are Usui, Holy Fire, Karuna, and Tummo. There are chi based practices, chakra based practices and those that include both hands-on and distance energy healings.

How is traditional Reiki taught?

The fundamental basics taught to Reiki practitioners include two steps. First, practitioners are taught to funnel life force energy into their crown chakra through their bodies and then out of their hands to transmit the energy to someone else. In addition to opening up a doorway or creating a container and then sending the energy through so it can reach the target.

Practitioners are taught a variety of talismans that represent healing in the form of universal energy, mental and emotional healing, distance healing, manifestation, and attunements.

What are the limitations of traditional forms of Reiki? 

What are the limitations of traditional forms of Reiki? When you are taught to channel Reiki energy through your body and out of your hand or open a doorway, you create space, which creates time.

Space complicates that experience. Time limits it.

One of the significant limitations of traditional Reiki is that practitioners are not taught how to overcome their ego or train to transcend their ego identity.  As a result, they only work within the scope of their own personality or their ego identity, limiting their potential for problem-solving or what they can offer to their clients in terms of healing.

Practitioners may be triggered when they hear that Usui Reiki or traditional forms of Reiki are not the strongest modalities on the planet. The reason for this reaction is that their ego has fooled them into thinking that the full potential of infinity exists only inside of Reiki, which is simply not true.

We must be willing to question our beliefs and be open to new possibilities to reach our full potential and provide healing that is in alignment with the power available to consciousness today.

It is important to acknowledge that Usui Reiki came into existence during the 1920s, a time when our knowledge of quantum science was limited. Back then, humanity operated with a restricted understanding of science and technology. Humanity was focused on connecting and closing the gap of distance between people as a basic framework. However, in today’s world, our spiritual practices must evolve in alignment with our comprehension of quantum science. It is essential to recognize how our understanding of consciousness has fundamentally changed.

The limitation of traditional Reiki lies in its inability to adapt and evolve. While it may have been effective in the past, our world, its people and our spiritual practices have changed. We must open ourselves up to new modalities and teachings that help us reach our highest potential.

Other Reiki modalities

As a practitioner, you may find that delving into various modalities of energy medicine may lead you to discover the significant differences in their effectiveness and strength. For example, Tummo Reiki has been found to provide a stronger, more profound, and even more violent healing than Usui Reiki.

However, Tummo Reiki cannot compare to the sheer power and effectiveness of Antojai Quantum Reiki. It is undeniably the strongest form of Reiki available to our collective at this time, offering a wider range of properties, dimensions, and infinities that are not accessible through traditional Reiki alone.

When you tap into Antojai Quantum Reiki, you tap into the infinity of what Life is, allowing you to access a broader spectrum of healing medicines and shifting energies. This modality of energy medicine is not limited by space and time. Antojai Quantum Reiki can reach deeper levels of healing, quantum levels of healing, making it the most potent tool for Reiki practitioners available today.


Antojai Quantum Reiki

Antojai Quantum Reiki is not a philosophy or a religion. Antojai Quantum Reiki is the practice of energy medicine and energy manipulation channeled by Axél Carrasquillo Msc.D., also known as Ascended Master Antojai, the founder of Antojai Ascension Academy and The Antojai Shamanic Wellness Center.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1990, Axél was raised as a shaman and preacher. He was taught many different forms of shamanism, and mainly focused on Western European & Taino Shamanistic influences. Axél’s family have been shamans for over 100 years; a tradition full of powerful shamanic ancestry, including Puerto Rican, Spanish, and Gitano teachings. He studied in the Americas formally and traveled to Europe, the Caribbeans, and Africa for deeper spiritual training in Ancient Egyptian, Sanse, and Quantum medicine.

Antojai Quantum Reiki was channeled by Axel in 2015, along with other forms of Antojai Alchemy,.

Axél was taught by the Ascended Masters that Antojai was a language of the masters, and that it was made up of 14 different dialects. Each Antojai Language Dialect has its own special and unique ability that will grant its user amazing powers in not just healing others, but manifesting miracles with ease.

Antojai Quantum Reiki is the seventh language of Antojai of Life. Life is a language, a frequency, a consciousness, an essence, a force, and a destination; This is also a form of Shamanism. It is deeply rooted in shamanistic principles. AQR incorporates these principles and expands upon the universal life energy or life force energy concept into multidimensional life force energy. It is life force energy that is infinite and undefinable.

But AQR is more than just calling upon multidimensional life energy, it’s about the perception and way you interact with this cosmic principle that opens the doors to true amazing power.

One develops a deep and profound relationship with the consciousness to become an adept practitioner or Master of Antojai Quantum Reiki.

One way to describe the experience of working with Life, is that it’s like encountering a new level of existence. To become familiar with this new level, practitioners must learn how to become friends with it. Antojai Quantum Reiki teaches practitioners how to connect with the frequencies and embrace the mystery of Life. It’s a journey that requires patience, curiosity, and a willingness to explore the unknown.

When the student is able to not only understand the true meaning of multidimensional life force, that it is a friend that must be made, and how to properly bend perception – the student evolves from being a healer, into becoming a shaman with immense potential.

Compared to Usui Reiki, which offers limited explanations for what it means by universal life energy, Antojai Quantum Reiki provides practitioners with infinite possibilities & methods to unlock a unique chemistry that students quickly and easily master. It recognizes the multidimensional nature of the universe witihin and allows the practitioner to tap into Life’s infinite potential in all things… not just animals, plants, and people.

AQR is a practice that delves deep into the infinity of life itself. It acknowledges that the properties of life are constantly changing from universe to universe, dimension to dimension, consciousness to consciousness, and the desire to manifest one situation over another. The complexity of this design is rarely if ever, touched upon by traditional Reiki modalities.


Antojai Quantum Reiki is a more potent method of healing because it shifts.

Antojai Quantum Reiki practitioners are taught how to overcome their ego and train to transcend their ego identity.  Not limited by their ego identity, AQR practitioners can express their fullest potential for problem-solving or what they can offer to their clients in terms of energy medicine. Students evolve from healer mentality and limitations, into a shifters, and shamans perception of energy medicine which has been proven to work much more effectively than many reiki styles & other energy modalities.

Traditional Reiki will clear your third eye. However, Antojai Quantum Reiki will shift it, reformat it, and transform it… taking what’s already there, sharpening it, elevating it, and evolving it. It is a practice that naturally develops your psychic abilities, allowing you to see and interpret more things with ease.

AQR will help surface such things like Telepathy, faster manifestation, Soul communication, Psychic surgery, channeling, and more.

What is even more mind blowing about AQR, is its ability to directly access the unconscious mind and directly interact with that portion of the human experience without the need of meditation, trance, or hypnosis. This is something that all other Reiki modalities fall short of and have been proven that they cannot do.

The unconscious mind is the main designer between this physical realm and the new realms of non-physicality. Since Antojai is the language of the Ascended Masters, Antojai goes deep into the unconscious and teaches it the Antojai language, that way the unconscious mind can naturally start manifesting in the physical world with ease and a sense of quantum mastery that seems miraculous.

The same principles that can be applied to the unconscious mind and be done on the subconscious and conscious state of any person. AQR lets you work directly with the multidimensional parts of any individual, and thus manipulate the blueprint of the matrix at a infinite level, and with extreme accuracy.

Antojai Quantum Reiki has a proven track record of consistently healing the most difficult illnesses, including cancer, Parkinson’s, chronic pain, phantom pain, and autoimmune diseases such as Fibromyalgia & HIV. Because of the way Antojai is structured, AQR has amazing results with mental imbalances such as PTSD, depression (manic included), anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, disassociation, and more.

This is why Antojai Quantum Reiki is globally accepted as the most powerful form of Reiki in the world; and Antojai Alchemy the most powerful shamanic practice / energy medicine on the planet.

quantum energy

What makes it Quantum?

Spirituality has been viewed as a religious concept rather than a science for centuries. Taking a close look, spirituality is the alchemy science of all things. Similar to how atoms compose everything in the physical world, alchemy is imbedded into all creation. Viewing spirituality from merely a philosophical lens is a narrow perspective that limits our understanding of the greater mathematics that drive the universe scientifically.

On the other hand, focusing solely on the scientific material findings that are accessible through the physical world, may cause us to overlook the broader concepts of what it means to be a spiritual being. The limitations of our perceptions can hinder our ability to see the bigger picture, but with the help of quantum science, we can gain a deeper understanding of what is truly happening.

Usui Reiki did not have the advantage of incorporating the sciences available today, and quantum science provides an opportunity to explore the intricate connections between spirituality and science. It bridges the gap between these two seemingly disparate fields, where we can unlock a world of possibilities and gain a deeper appreciation for the nature of the universe.

Through the lens of quantum science, we can begin to see how the principles of spirituality can be explained by the underlying laws of the universe. By understanding the fundamental principles that all is mental, that energy fields surround us and everything, and the subtitles of vibrations manifest our experience, atoms can be in two places at once (proving time and space are not real), the entire universe is alive, words are 10x more powerful than thoughts, reality is based off light and sound etc; we can tap into the maximum potential for transformation and healing. By exploring this intersection of spirituality and science, we can better appreciate the intricate workings of the universe and our place within it.

Antojai Quantum Reiki is the intersectionality of consciousness and the potentiality of what is available on a cosmic scale beyond what we can comprehend, taking us to a level of healing that shifts the very fabric of reality by approaching energy medicine, not as a healer, but rather from the perspective of a Shaman, and eventually an Ascension Master.

When you practice Antojai Quantum Reiki, you’re not just tapping into universal life energy, but rather into the infinity of what life is, which includes different dimensions, consciousness, parallel-selves, parallel realities, and desires. This complexity of design is not addressed by other forms of energy healing, such as the Law of Attraction, manifestation, or traditional Reiki.

Though today many people are fascinated with Quantum Jumping / Quantum Shifting and other terms that allude to this, no other modality other than the Gateway Process and Antojai Alchemy have been able to prove and perform this level of reality mastery… True Timeline shifting with noticeable and trackable results.

You’ve dreamt about Antojai or felt called to seek it out?

Many seek out Antojai Quantum Reiki because inherently, in the human system, we know that Usui Reiki and all other forms of Reiki are limited, that they have reached their full potential, and people are seeking out an infinite experience in this lifetime. Those seeking out Antojai Quantum Reiki wish to unlock their true potential, allowing themselves to see things that may be uncomfortable and be open to seeing things that they cannot comprehend; to really blow their minds!

Antojai Quantum Reiki is a revolutionary concept that takes the raw material of Reiki and gives it multidimensional consciousness. It is your friend, it is your coach, and it will talk to you through other people as though they themselves were dimensions of existence. It will manipulate events for you before you even know that you need the manipulation. It is your friend that lives in another dimension. It is your spirit guide.

Antojai Quantum Reiki is the only system in the world with is guaranteed to develop your psychic abilities, teach you how to become a powerful quantum healer, a miraculous manifester, and shaman in one easy process.

90% of students that take Antojai Quantum Reiki prefer this method over any other learning that have done in this lifetime. Antojai takes all your existing knowledge from other modalities, and combines them so that you can use the full power of the quantum field, and your consciousness. Students are shocked at the level of mastery, experiences, and instantaneous effects that Antojai brings… usually saying something like, “I got WAY more than I ever thought I was going to get out of this program, more than I have ever gotten in any program.”

Are you ready to experience your full potential in a  truly breathtaking and life changing way?

Come join us in our next QR3 6-month training!