Biography Of Master Antojai

Ascended Master Antojai, Is The Founder And Developer Of Multiple Forms Of Energetic Medicine:

Antojai® Quantum Healing | Quantum Reiki® | 5D Quantum Healing® | Chakra Mirror® | Antojai® Noorah Codes

The Beginning

Axél Antojai Carrasquillo grew up in shamanic family tradition learning the ancient healing arts of the mind, body, and soul since the age of 6.

He’s spent over a decade learning alternative medicine techniques, subconscious reprogramming, energy work, psychic development, and over twenty-two years of mastery in medical shamanism.

At age 16, he took on an 8-day shamanic ceremony of death; and spent the next 5 years as a master-apprentice. At 21, he began helping modern communities master psychic mediumship, and spiritual healing.

Axél has focused his training on traditional shamanism with Monks and Masters from around the globe; while attending University for Health & Wellness, Quantum Science, and Psychology of Language.

In the summer of 2014, Axél experienced a traumatic life-changing experience that placed him in a severe PTSD comma like state.

The event left me homeless, destroyed, and unable to function.

I slept 6 days out of the week! I couldn’t get up to feed myself, or even use the restroom. I was in a prison within my mind… and all my trauma was preventing me from getting out!

That’s what led me to say: “Universe… If this is what my life is here now… I don’t want to be here anymore; BUT… if there is an answer to getting out of this state… I am willing to go anywhere to get it.”

About 4 months later I began channeling my soul purpose (dharma) of Antojai Quantum Alchemy.

During that Journey, I began to understand and study the limitations of Traditional Reiki which was over 100 years old; and why it had not worked to help me recover from severe PTSD.

That research lead to the development and discovery of Quantum Reiki, the most powerful reiki in the world.

By mid-2016, Antojai had completely reversed my severe PTSD, and I began helping those who could not find answers within Western Medicine.”

— Axél Antojai 

Ascended Master

In 2016, he was acknowledged as an Ascended Master, the highest rank attainable within esoteric society. He’s been fulfilling his divine life purpose ever since; developing advanced methods of healing, educating, and awakening the community.

In 2018, Axél established the Antojai Organization. A private organization dedicated to helping young masters, star seeds, and all seeking self-empowerment blossom to their maximum potential. The organization lead to creating Antojai® Ascension Academy, & Antojai® Ascension Temple; online communities for the people of the world seeking New Earth.

He’s been voted #1 Shaman, Energy Healer, Psychic, and Instructor in 2018, and 2019 for all of Michigan. Antojai’s ranked one of the top instructors in Quantum Medicine on the Global Education Platform called UDEMY.

Axél is a leading expert on metaphysical healing, manipulation, control, and theory. His expertise on the metaphysical body, its chemical and physical reactions to touch, quantum energy, pressure, and herbal extracts will maximize a euphoric trance that ensures a profound rejuvenation. His holistic healing style is one of a kind, providing an existential balance of physical, spiritual, and mental energies. He has been recognized by the energetic community for his devotion to the art of quantum shamanic healing.

All of Antojai’s treatments & courses are always custom-tailored to focus on your personal goals with your specific needs in mind. We have several options with varying levels of metaphysical targeting for the perfect match for your reality.

Education & Training

-BS in Health & Wellness from Purdue University,

-BS in Linguistics from the University of Michigan

-Ph.D in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Sedona

-Private training from all across the United States in public speaking, shamanic ceremonials, therapy, counseling, and healing;

-Exclusive one on one Mastery Training in Hermetic, Japanese, Western European, Caribbean, Taino, Siberian, and old world shamanism

-High-energy Mediumship, and Ascended Mastery by the Society of Shamans & Mediums (SSM)

-Advanced Crystal Medicine by SSM, and the University of Metaphysics


-Usui Reiki Mastery by the International Reiki Organization

-Karuna® Reiki Mastery

-Rainbow Reiki Mastery

-Kundalini Reiki Mastery

-Ahara Reiki Mastery

-Ka Shen Sekhem Mastery

-Antojai Quantum Healing

-Merkaba Quantum Healing

-Quantum Emotional Healing by Rocky Krogfoss

-Life Coach Certification by Kain Ramsay

-EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Certified

-NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Certified

-Art Therapy Healing

-Color Therapy Healing

-Endless, daily personal study of quantum mechanics and psychology

(Multi-dimensional Masters)

Isfet, Ascended Master

Seker, Ascended Master

Neith, Ascended Great Grand Mother

Ra, Ascended Grand Father

Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus), Ascended Master; Father

Maat, Ascended Master; Mother

Isis, Ascended Master

Amun, Ascended Master

Shiva, Ascended Master

Vishnu, Ascended Master

Kali, Ascended Master

Shakti, Ascended Master

Lakshmi, Ascended Master

Mikao Usui, Ascended Master – Reiki


(Earthly Masters)

Juanita Carrasquillo, High Priestess & Medium Guru

José Carrasquillo, Master Shaman & Master Advisor

Dulce Gomez, Ascended Master

Lisa Powers, Reiki Master

Rocky Krogfoss, Ascended Master

“As a Naacal, it is my life mission to help the global community with ascension; helping evolve past spiritual, emotional, and physical blockages. I enjoy helping others reach a state of peace and rejuvenation through positive wellness practices and education.”


What our customers say

Antojai Quantum Reiki is the essence of life. It brings your client’s experience to a transcendental state.


This is it. I have been practicing various healing modalities for the last two decades but always found that there was something amiss. And then I found Antojai Quantum Reiki. Axel is a genuine guru who is always working for the upliftment of all the souls connected to his divine mission. This has taken my understanding and healing capabilities to the next level. I believe that Antojai Quantum Reiki is the spiritual healing technology for the evolution of humankind!

Shyam Dembla

Antojai Quantum Reiki Practitioner and Instructor


“QR3 is the best class I’ve participated in yet!”

Eric Johnson

Antojai Quantum Reiki Practitioner and Instructor


I am so grateful for Antojai Quantum Reiki and how it continues to change my life and broaden my perspectives.  Axel provides us with such a wealth of knowledge.  It has blown my mind! It has had such a positive impact on my life. I am excited for what my future holds and plan on deepening my practice and level of understanding. Quantum Reiki has shifted how I view myself and has given me a self-confidence boost.

Sonia Meidinger

Antojai Quantum Reiki Practitioner and Instructor